Gradient bounds

The most unfriendly thing about rendering gradients with Qt has been the fact that you had to specify gradients in coordinates of the shape they were to be rendered on. It wasn't ideal especially for all applications which included any kind of animations or were rendering large number of items because it meant that the gradient had to be individually created for each and every one of items/frames. I've fixed that two days ago by adding a coordinate-mode property to QGradient, which now accepts ObjectBoundingMode. Object bounding mode, just like in SVG, means that the gradient coordinates are percentages of bounding box of the shape that the gradient is about to fill. So all the coordinates are between 0 and 1 and Qt automatically adjusts the bounds for gradient when it's being rendered. This makes it possible to easily use QGradient's with QPalette. An example where I'm drawing a bunch of rectangles and animate them along while the gradient is set only once with (0,0, 1, 1) coordinate box (meaning starting at the topleft and ending at the bottom right corner of each rectangle).
And since it's an animation (including a widget show/hide effect) here's a movie showing it in action.

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