Qt 4.3 (nearly) supports HP-UX on Itanium

For keeping our HP-UX support up to date, we're experimenting with adding support for HP-UX on Itanium. For now, the aCC 6 compiler range seems to work; gcc doesn't work yet. If you want to try it out, you can either download a Qt 4.3 snapshot, or wait for the first official beta, and configure with hpuxi-acc-64 (notice the 'i').

qt@host:~/qt-4.3> ./configure -platform hpuxi-acc-64

Initial testing shows that it's on par with the other HP-UX configurations we support (PA-RISC 32 and 64bit aCC, and 32bit gcc).

Hai, our HP-UX PA-RISC test machine Gravlaks, our HP-UX Itanium2 test machine
Hai, PA-RISC Gravlaks, Itanium2

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