Resolution independent UIs

After my last Graphics View blog about Widgets on the Canvas, people have been contacting me and telling how much they really really want true widgets on the canvas, with full transformations support. Resolution independent user interfaces, now that's something very many drool over, especially the idea of not having to worry about pixel sizes relative to the size of the desktop. The KDE Plasma project is also very inspiring.

I don't have any code or screenshots to show this time, but I wanted to let everyone know that we're investigating all viable options. It's very very exciting. Maybe I'll have something to show off in not too long time. Most of my time is spent researching this topic right now. I hope to be able to point back at this blog after we have full widgets-on-the-canvas support in Qt 4, and say... "This is what we were working on back then!" :-).

Graphics View has so many applications, it's amazing what people use it for.

And I have made up my mind.

When I grow old, I want to live in a Graphics View house and drink Graphics View coffee.

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