New Qt File Dialog (take 2)

Here's a follow up on the recent blog post which presented a new filedialog interface. Listening to the feedback it has been changed back to look very similar to the one in 4.2. The big differences are that the Save As collapsing functionality has been remove and the line edit is back and gets focus by default. The saving has been fixes so adding folders to the sidebar will be saved, along with history. Note that the painting issue on the cancel button is being looked into already and will be fixed shortly (it only occurs in Plastique style).

Feel free to provide feedback on what you think of this change.

Open dialog
Open Dialog

Save dialog
Save Dialog

P.S. A little hidden feature that has been in the file dialog sense at least 4.2 is that if you type ".." in the line edit and hit enter it will move to the parent directory. In 4.3 that has been extended to the completer so you can now type ../foo/bar and the completer will understand the relative path.

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