Graphics View with layouts and widgets?

On the way to work today, on the train, I thought about how I can make this Monday the best possible. There's a lot of stuff going on, and the art of getting Monday morning right sounded very appealing. So here I am; I've put on the Katamari soundtrack, wearing big earphones, sipping coffee and blogging about Graphics View. It's working quite well :-)..

Lately I've been spending some more time researching "widgets on the canvas" and resolution independent UIs in general. It's quite an interesting topic; there's a lot of information to gather before we decide on what approach is most suitable for Qt. As for widgets on the canvas, the hot topic is whether we can support putting actual QWidgets on a scene, or if we need to fork our dear widgets and breed a new transformable species... One of the two might stand out as an obvious solution to you, but I can't guess which one now that I see so many pros and cons for both approaches.

As a proof of concept, I ported QLayout to Graphics View, just to see if there are any immediate problems. Here's what I got:

Graphics View, Big Button QGraphicsItems in a layout

This picture shows QPushButtons in a QLayout, that is, several QPushButton clones inside a QGraphicsGridLayout. Running XP style. This experiment has brought up some important issues that need to be resolved:

  • We need a layout-capable item, probably a QGraphicsWidget-like item with a geometry.
    • QGraphicsItem::children() conflicts with QObject::children() (argh, why didn't we fix this before 4.2)
    • QGraphicsItem already has three geometry functions, so this widget might end up with like... 5 geometries. Confused?
    • The item needs to pick its style / font / palette from... what view? ;-)
  • Layouts with qreals are incredibly cool, and powerful. You can specify a margin of 1.5 :-D. But for platforms that emulate floating points, doubles and floats are really slow (10-200x slower than ints).
  • The buttons are drawn using QStyle, which is very pixel-oriented.
  • No styles take transformations into consideration. For example, the way we do pixmap cacheing today is completely useless, exhausts memory and slows everything down for transformed widgets.
  • Styles that use cosmetic pens (almost all styles do) look bad when transformed. In general, styles that try to use dots and lines look like frak when you zoom in ;-). I tried to do a little "search-and-replace" and the patch filled my home partition. No, just kidding... but the change is significant.

So far, my Monday morning is looking good. I've got some QSslSocket work to do, and some test fixing, and subconsciously I'm thinking about resolution independence 90% of my idle time. Which is fun ;-). There are so many possible solutions, and I foresee no problems in the showstopper category.

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