Trollnux Debian

Over the long holiday weekend, I actually had time to do some fun stuff other than playing with Skyler. I managed to "install" the Greenphone SDK on my my old IBM T20 lappie, just because it was there...

What is special about this installation, is that it does not use vmware, and is a 'native' installation. It was fairly simple to do, as well.
Of course, Trolltech does not support this configuration, but since the SDK system is Debian based, it is entirely possible.

There may be other ways to do this, but this is what I did. After copying most of the the root filesystem (not including /proc /sys or /tmp) and tarballing it up 'tar -cvpzf'. I separated it into the mount points, so I had three tarballs, the /opt/Qtopia, the /usr/local toolchain, an the root filesystem. I used a live cd (could have easily used the Qtopia live demo cd) to format a few partitions on my old t20. Then I mounted it and untarred the rootfilesystem and toolchain, and Qtopia sdk.

The only files I had to change are /etc/fstab, /boot/grub/menu.lst, /etc/X11/xorg.conf, oh and remove the vmware-tools service from starting at bootup. I also had to mkdir tmp sys proc as well. I used the live cd's xorg.conf in place of the one from the Greenphone sdk, (as it uses the vmware displayer driver).

So now I have a workable Trollnux Debian Greenphone development distribution on the IBM, complete with KDE 3.5.5, KDevelop 3.4, and Qtopia 4.2!

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