Qt Jambi Beta 2 Released

So we reached another beta release of Qt Jambi, press release here.
This is, at least according to plans, the final beta before we release
the final version later this summer. The team has done a tremendous
job in improving this version from the previous and I'll mention a few
things in detail later, but first of all, I'd like to mention that
this release is dual licensed.

Thats right! The beta2 version of Qt Jambi is released under the preview license
and also under the GPL license. We spent a some time getting this to
work together with Apache Harmony Open Source Java SE in addition to
the Sun JDK which we already had. For details on the law, look in the faq.
The GPLing includes both the library and the Qt Jambi Generator, and I
hope you'll find this to be good news..

So what other things has happened since the last time... In the last
release we enabled object garbage collection for all objects, which
resulted in a number of reports from people that gui elements, like
toolbar buttins and menu items, were disappering. In this release we
introduced a reference counting scheme that should minimize the chance
for this happening...

We also got rid of most of the poorly named operator_Xxx functions and
tried to replace them with more intuitive functions. For instance
QDataStream.operator_shift_left(byte []) has become
QDataStream.writeBytes(byte []). The generator also detects a number
of operator== and operator which is used implement the equals()
function and the java.lang.Comparable interface.

The Eclipse integration has received several additions in making it
load a whole lot better. In fact on most systems you don't need to set
-Djava.library.path anymore, Qt Jambi will just figure it out based on
the location of the qtjambi.jar file. In addition to that we also got
a new wizard for making custom widgets in Qt Designer from Eclipse.

There are a number of other things too, but this is turning into a
changelog and I didn't want that, so just check it out. Here's the

I feel really good about this release, just look how exited we are...

Håvard, Eskil and Gunnar

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