Explorer style tree views on Vista

vista delegate

Vista introduced a new optional "Explorer" style for some of its item views. While Qt 4.3.0 uses this style for its item view classes, the selection background of the the delegate itself still retains the appearance from XP since it is not currently decorated by the style. While we consider revising this for a future version of Qt, it is in fact already possible to get the themed selection backgrounds by using the following custom delegate as shown in our modified dirview example above. The image below shows the same application without row selection and a single column.


single column tree

A few notes about this delegate:
- It requires the Vista SDK and must be linked against gdi32.lib, but it should not have extra runtime dependencies.
- On platforms other than Windows Vista the standard item delegate decorations are used.
- It is primarily designed for tree views, but can be used with other views as well.
- Hover appearance is currently disabled when row selection is used since it would require some extra updates from the widget.

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