Qt Jambi 4.3.0_01 Released!

So the day has finally come... Whoohoo!!

Qt Jambi has been released in its final version, named 4.3.0_01. We
decided on calling it 4.3.0 after Qt 4.3.0 since thats the Qt version
the API matches and 01 for the jambi release of against Qt 4.3. Some
of the major new things is that the API is cleaned up
significantly. We removed the obsolete functions and fixed a lot of
documentation issues. We also got the webstart demo running on Mac OS
X and got the webstart to load plugins. Check it

There are some minor visual changes. We added a splashscreen to the
Launcher with some nice transparency effects and drop shadow:

And we niced up the imageviewer preview just a little bit... Its not
that we think its more helpful to view an image which are reflected on
a mirror surface like that, but its easy and looks cool in screenshots
so why not.

Other than that there is not much more to say, other than.. Happy Coding!

The Qt Jambi Team

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