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Explorer style tool bars on Windows

Published on Friday June 08, 2007 by Jens Bache-Wiig in Qt Uncategorized Styles | Comments

Seeing all the interest in the DotNet style makes it fairly obvious that you would like to have sexy tool bars with Qt. Today I implemented another popular style for tool bars on Windows: the Explorer style. The difference might not be all that obvious at first sight, but you will see a nice gradient shading across the tool bar and menu areas if you look closer. It is also entirely theme dependent.

Here is how it looks on XP:
explorer style

And here is how it looks on Vista:
explorer style

Get the files here :

To try it out simply compile the style and run your application with "-style explorer" as command line arguments.

A few notes :
- left and right toolbar areas do not have gradients as the shading looked a bit weird in those areas
- It requires Qt 4.3.0 and will only work on Windows
- You can use it on both open source and commercial apps at your own risk

Enjoy ;)

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