Ghetto Trolls

I'm trying to get my presentations for Saturday's Akademy conference ready, which is going really well. Let me rephrase - it's not going well, but I tremendously enjoy pressure and cookies. The latter having, unfortunately nothing to do with any of this blog. I'll be talking about graphics and linguistics and want to show some neat things I've been working on lately. Assuming I'll finally get those things to work the way I want them to. Which would be really good for the purposes of demos. Otherwise we'll enjoy some quiet time or start exchanging childhood stories. I've got a few good ones.
Speaking of horrifying experiences today was a sad day. If I had any feelings I'd be very sad. There could be serious tearing. Donald Carr, who's been one of the coolest people here at Trolltech, resigned and is leaving to the USA tomorrow. Together with Donald we formed the "Ghetto Trolls" interest group, in which we spent our time arguing over who's living in worse conditions. I slept on the floor and couldn't eat anything, he didn't have electricity. Tough call. Hopefully I taught him a little bit about graphics and he made me realize that buying two bottles of orange juice and milk in Norway is equivalent to half a sheep in South Africa and sheeps are a rare and precious commodity. Now, why would anyone want half a sheep, I don't know. I'm assuming it must be because I'm not South African. I guess it depends which half of the sheep we're talking about.

Anyway, here's a picture of the "Ghetto Trolls" and if you're coming to Akademy hopefully I will make it worth your time.

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