Develop Qt C++ applications in Eclipse

Trolltech is about to release its development tools as Qt Eclipse Integration. Here is a short introduction in Q&A style to what it is and how you can start hacking, today, plus a few screenshots.


  • What is Eclipse?
    Many people think of it as just a Java IDE. But Eclipse is a plugin-based platform for creating (for example) IDEs. It is often shipped with the Java development tools, hence it offers a Java IDE out-of-the-box in those cases.
  • Does Eclipse support C++ development?
    Support for programming languages in Eclipse is realized via plugins. There are Eclipse plugins for all possible languages. The standard C++ Plugin for Eclipse is called CDT. It brings GDB based debugging, managed makefiles, simple refactoring and so much more to Eclipse. Trolltechs Qt Eclipse Integration is built on top of the CDT.
  • What does the Qt Eclipse Integration add to Eclipses C++?
    The Qt Eclipse Integration seamlessly integrates the whole Qt development workflow:
    • Pure qmake based project management (not imposing Eclipse specific project file formats) with a .pro file importer and graphical project editor
    • Embedded, well known UI Designer with its Form- Property- Signal/Slot- and Action editor
    • Wizards for creation of new Qt gui and console projects. Wizards for creation of new Qt classes.
    • Embedded Qt Resource editor
    • Integrated Qt reference, a Qt Eclipse tutorial and a "cheat sheet"
  • Which platforms are supported?
    The plugin runs on Windows and Linux x86. Debugging does not work on Windows x64, because GDB crashes, there. OSX will be supported in a later release.
  • What do I need in order to start?
    Download and install the following ingredients:
  • How do I start?
    Start Eclipse (on Windows, use the "Start Eclipse with MinGW" shortcut from the Start Menu). Follow the instructions of the Qt Eclipse Integration cheat sheet, which will guide you through the necessary steps.
  • Who will help me?
    Subscribe to the Qt preview mailing list and post your question and browse the archive. You will get polite and competent answers

New Qt Gui Application Wizard

Define the name of the project, the type of the first UI class and the required Qt modules.
New Qt Gui Application Wizard

Code editor with auto completion

Editing code can be easy and fun when the auto completion actually works and gives usable suggestions.
Code editor with auto completion

The Qt designer components, embedded into Eclipse

The seamlessly embedded Qt Designer reduces the creation of great UIs to a few clicks. No external Designer instance needs to be launched.
The Qt designer components, embedded into the Eclipse based IDE

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