Web on canvas and Dashboard widgets

There are days when I do something quite interesting and in my mind I can almost see myself on a stage in tight, tight spandex pants, long hair, perm, cowboy boots yelling angrily "are you ready to roock?!". People cheering, babies laughing, women throwing their bra's on the stage. It's poetic. Then I remember that I'm a computer scientist and I snap right out of it. I go back to the life filled with math equations on napkins, sleepless nights in front of buzzing computers, stacks of books in corners and no spandex pants (although I can deal with the last one just fine). The fact that I hate rock lessens the blow, but it doesn't make it any less disappointing. So in those moments of sadness I blog, yearning attention and approval, so readily available on the internet. Cough, cough...

I was wondering how hard would it be to create a QGraphicsItem that uses QtWebKit to render pages on a canvas. The idea being that combining full blown canvas like QGraphicsView framework with web rendering engine would give us quite a killer combination. So I've sat down today and done it. At first I had to redo some of the rendering code in QtWebKit and once I was finished I had a QWebGraphicsItem that beautifully renders pages. It being a QGraphicsItem all the effects available to graphics items in Qt are available for free to it. So you can animate, scale, rotate, perspective-transform and do a whole bunch of neat effects on it for free. Once I've done that I figured that it's obvious that this is the best way of getting Apple's Dashboard widgets to work. So I've done that too. I quickly hacked up a class that reads-in Apple Dashboard widget bundles and can render them on a QWebGraphicsItem. The compatibility is not 1:1 quite yet, because some of the Dashboard widgets use JavaScript objects that I haven't implemented yet, like AddressBook object. To be honest I'm not 100% sure whether I want to implement them, I think we can get those things done a lot nicer, it's just a question of whether 1:1 compatibility with Apple Dashboard is worth the extra effort needed to make all those JavaScript objects work on KDE.
First a screenshot of one Apple Dashboard widget rendered and on top a scaled to half its size KDE homepage:

Now a Dashboard widget with a perspective-transformed page. Since this is QGraphicsView I can interact with the item while it's transformed so I've selected some text on it.

Crackalicious. (no drugs were used while hacking on this, but I did touch myself a little after getting it to work). Furthermore (yes, there's more... what can I say, I'm a giver...) in QtWebKit we have this neat interface that allows you to inject QObject's into the framework as JavaScript objects at run-time, so adding new JavaScript objects is trivial and getting Opera widgets to work would be very, very simple. No spandex pants included though.

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