A Nail in the Database Coffin

Qt Jambi has been out for some weeks now and up until now there wasn't a really good option for doing Database programming there. As an opensource developer you could go ahead and download the Qt source packages and build the database drivers from scratch, and the commercial owners that were curious got a special sourcepackage that let one build the database drivers from scratch. Now, this is all very painful, so one might be asking, why didn't we provide binaries for those drivers in the first place...

Well... Its mostly because the C-API's that those database drivers use are pretty much tied to the various versions of the database they connect to, so they have to be built by source using the right versions of the libraries for the right version of the database. *sigh*.

On the other hand... A solution arises... Java already has database support so it doesn't really need Qt SQL C++ drivers. Instead we simply layered our database drivers on top of JDBC. I can't take the credit for it, because it was mostly done by Harald, but at any rate, here it is.

Its a bit preliminary at this point, and we would love your feedback on bugs and suggestions. If we're happy with the end result, this will be part of Qt Jambi 4.4.

Its available here:


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