In London

Today was my last at Trolltech. Some of you already knew that, the others are likely getting mouth to mouth reciprocation right now while a heavy set man is charging defibrillator paddles next to them (breath, breath!).

Technically Qt is years ahead of all of its competition and with Trolltech's amazing engineering team it will continue doing great. I felt that other parts of the Open Source graphics stack could use my work a little more at the moment.

We (Open Source community) move at an astounding pace but the lower parts of our graphics framework are lagging a little bit behind. I wanted to go back to working on those parts of the graphics stack and it made sense for me to join a company that would directly profit from my work on Mesa, DRI, drivers and X.

This Monday will mark my first day at Tungsten Graphics. The engineering team at TG includes the likes of Brian Paul, Keith Whitwell, Michel Dänzer, Alan Hourihane and others, which reads almost like "Who's who in Open Source graphics". Clearly the only thing that was missing there was someone who looks really good naked. That's me. I also know a thing or two about this whole "graphics" thing which tends to help.

I'll be living in London for the next ~2 months or so. In England, while mainly working on Mesa, I'll be filling the void left by the departure of Victoria and David Beckham.

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