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Join the 2007 Trolltech Developer Days

Published on Wednesday September 12, 2007 by Lorn Potter in Qt Uncategorized News QSA Greenphone KDE Qt Jambi Qtopia | Comments

Trolltech is presenting the fourth annual Developer Days events[1] in the US
and Germany. We invite free software developers to join without admittance

The events are taking place in Redwood City, California (October 3 & 4), and
Munich, Germany (October 16th & 17). If you are currently contributing to an
open source project, and would like to apply for free registration to the
event, please send us a short mail at, listing the

Your Name:
Name of the open source project you actively contributing to:
URL for more project information:

We will review your entry and respond with registration information if
you qualify. We hope to see you at Developer Days!

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