XPath & XQuery in Qt

The Qt snapshots now includes support for XPath 2.0 and XQuery 1.0.

Being part of the XML library, the idea is that Qt 4.4 will ship with a C++ API for running and evaluating such queries. On the side too, is a command line tool called patternist, for quickly testing queries, scripting and old-school web solutions. But who cares, blogs with screenshots is the thing:


Stronger XML support in Qt has been consistently asked for by users over a long time, with XPath being one of the main requests. Hopefully Patternist, with the help of KDE folks, users, and customers expressing what’s missing, will please those needs. Considering the similarities of XQuery and XSL-T, Patternist also serves as a foundation for implementing XSL-T, if so decided.

For KDE folks all this might ring a bell. Patternist was indeed first developed for a long time in the KDE repository, as part of KDOM. We just thought it would make a lot more use as part of Qt.

And I think exactly that makes this exciting. W3C’s XQuery working group has registered an astonishing number of exciting implementations. But for users, reliability is what matter in the end. Whether bugs will be fixed, whether people can answer questions, whether the piece is maintained and documented. Persistency. Trolltech swiftly carries this on its shoulders(assuming I brush my teeth and all that).

Combined with that Qt is open source and the Patternist SDK used for development is as well, this is like eating some nasty chocolate while at the same time singing a little duet with Miss Piggy. I can’t sing, nor can Piggy (although she tries), but you get my point.

Humble modesty aside, it is worth to mention that this still needs work. About 94% of the test suite is passed, the API needs more work, and there is performance issues.

Nailing test cases and trimming code paths are problems that have known solutions (though typically horrible to carry out). Harder is to know what people need and how they need it. It’s hard to guess what kind of APIs or extensions Amarok or KOffice or a GNOME or web application need.

If you got input, feel free to add a comment to the blog, send a report to Trolltech, grab me(FransE) on the Open Projects IRC network, or ask a question or two on the qt-interest mailing list.

The documentation starts over here.

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