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Just recently within KDE the situation around printing flared up as many started to realize that the state of 'kdeprint' wasn't really good enough for corporate use. I delved into this subject with the result that KDE is moving to using Qt classes for printing exclusively, and Trolltech putting considerable effort into making printing better and more usable.

One of the first steps I wrote about in a blog earlier today, and in this blog I wanted to preview some internal work that the printing guys here have been working on. I just compiled the code from the trying-out repository, so nothing is set in stone. But suffice to say I was very much impressed and thus started to write this blog :)

The way most applications work is that they have a print as well as a print-preview button. The print preview typically uses some default settings for page size / etc, which is suboptimal at best. It would be so useful to set the paper size and things like portrait/landscape directly in the print-preview dialog! And with this preview dialog you can :)

Print preview settings

Its also useful for those that want an overview;
print preview overview

This is, again, just a first version that we are working on. So be gentle when providing feedback :) We aim to have this in Qt4.4 and I'll be sure to let you know when this hits the snapshots.

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