Qt/WinCE United

As most of you know Espen went back to Oslo a few months ago after he helped out setting up the Berlin office.

Since then, the Qt/WinCE project has been split up between Oslo and Berlin, which caused no problem at all due to modern communication ways like voice-over-ip, video-conferencing, Email, IRC and (place-your-favorite-protocol-here). But since one week the team has been reunited in Oslo.


The mission: Integrate our work back into the main development branch.

The result: Achieved on Thursday afternoon.


From now on we can follow up much easier the overall development process and catch up with all the neat features, which are supposed to come for the next release.


For those of you, who are curious about how the commit log looks like, take a short look here:


Change 281657 by espenr@espenr-radeberger on 2007/10/25 15:58:00


Fixes: complation error on Windows CE


Task: port Qt to Windows CE


AutoTest: probably borked ;)




One year in the making. Trying hard to brake the main branch. Works for us ;)



During the following weeks we are trying to get some of the features work, which has been made available for the other platforms already. I am currently investigating on how to get the Patternist done by Frans ported to Windows CE, while Thomas takes care of namespace issues.

So stay tuned for the next exciting news about Qt/WinCE.


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