QtWebKit Development Update

It's time for another update on "what's happening" on the (Qt)WebKit side of things :)

  • We've been working on preparing the API for a first round of review. As a result of that we have finished the action API in QWebPage that I mentioned in my previous blog. QWebSettings has changed to a pointer based class: Every page returns a pointer to a QWebSettings object and there is static QWebSettings *QWebSettings::defaultSettings(). The individual attributes in the settings are inherited to QWebPage. This makes it easy to apply one global setting to all instances of QWebPage for example:
    QWebSettings *settings = QWebSettings::defaultSettings();
    settings->setAttribute(QWebSettings::JavascriptEnabled, false);
  • Lars has implemented a cool new class called QTextBoundaryFinder to find the boundaries for graphemes, words, lines (line breaks) and sentences in a QString. The text iterators in QtWebKit use this class now and provide correct navigation when live-editing is enabled on an HTML element.
  • We're also working on integrating QtWebKit into Qt itself. Our goal is to include a snapshot of all the sources including the ones generated by build scripts into the Qt source tree. This will make it easier to build QtWebKit itself when it is shipped with Qt.
  • On top of that we are going to have a little QtWebKit hacking workshop next week here in our TT headquarters in Oslo. We plan to lock ourselves in an office and clean up some internals with the help of George and Adam.
  • BTW, Maciej has posted a nice summary about the features in WebKit 3 in the Surfin' Safari WebKit Blog. QtWebKit is based on the same version and has all the features he describes.

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