QtWebKit Development Update

It's been a while since the last update and a few things happened that are worth reporting.

  • George and Adam visited us in Oslo for a week. We've spent a fair amount of time discussing all sorts of topics and we have moved our Git repository over to http://code.staikos.net. The new machine setup makes it possible to give contributors push access.
  • Adam did a lot of great cleanup work in the QtWebKit Wiki pages, including instructions on the use of Git with WebKit's Subversion repository for example
  • We have started reworking the API on the class level. You can follow the work in the shared/api-changes branch. Right now we want to have a toplevel QWebView class that is a QWidget and provides all the convenience to cover most use-cases. Below that we place QWebPage which contains page related functionality like the actions and the history. The page then provides access to the QWebFrame objects, which deal with the per-frame scrollbars and allow rendering into a given QPainter.
  • Thiago integrated the new network access API into Qt and work has started in the shared/network-access branch to port QtWebKit over to use that API. This will completely replace the existing public networking API in QtWebKit when compiled against Qt 4.4. Of course we will keep the old QWebNetworkInterface API around when compiling against Qt 4.3.

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