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Neo, Neuros and other things…

Published on Tuesday December 04, 2007 by Lorn Potter in Qt KDE Qtopia | Comments


It's been a while since I wrote anything here. I have been spending most of my time developing Qtopia on the FIC Neo. and just recently figured out a hacky fix for the suspend issue, or, rather non suspend issue.

The fix isn't in the code, but in the qpe startup script. The problem was that suspending would cause the modem to start spitting out junk. and so would not respond to a modem wake up or be able to make phone calls after resuming. The fix is a bit odd, really. I just delete the /dev/ttySAC0 (modem) device and then create it again right before I power up the modem. So now, that aspect of suspending/resuming is working, at least on the one phone I have. Well, for the first suspend anyway.

I have been using this Neo as my phone for a few weeks now, voice and txt working fine. Now that the Multimedia guys added their own Cruxus mediaengine, which sports vorbis (tremor), timidity and libmad plugins, I can add my own ogg and mp3 ringtones. I can even use the ones that come with OpenMoko software. I am excited about the upcoming version with wifi.


I recently got a heads up from someone that the Neuros OSD, which is open to hacking and runs linux, will soon sport a new gui built using Qt. What a great idea!

According to this thread here

Funny thing is, I have been looking for something just like this recently so I won't have to buy an old school VCR just to record some tv shows. Hopefully I can get my hands on one.

As well, DVRupgrade has acontest/boundy to allow an OSD to synchronize with TiVo's electronic programming guide.

Although I think it is a little bit small as far as flash is concerned, it has sd as well as usb storage, and 64mb is enough ram to easily run something like Qtopia phone. It would also be great if it had wifi, but wired ethernet is fine too. Perhaps cf wifi works.

Their SDK seems to be a vmware VM... what great idea!

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