QtWebKit Development Update

The temperatures in Oslo have been dropping rapidly in the last few days, we're well below zero now. The same applies to Qt where Thiago opened the fridge of feature freeze. I like how things fall into place :). Actually I have the same feeling with QtWebKit right now. The pieces of the puzzle are falling together, with lots of really good progress:

  • We have integrated a copy of WebKit into the Qt sources and we're updating it frequently.
  • Shortly after the integration Friedemann, one of the fearless Designer hackers, added a plugin to embed WebKit into Designer, along with support for QUrl properties. See the screenshot below :).
  • Lars and Holger finished the separation of QWebView and QWebPage. The latter is now a standalone QObject that allows embedding WebKit into non-QWidget environments.
  • Michael Goddard of the TT Brisbane hackers started working on improving the QObject bindings inside JavaScriptCore, to make them behave like QtScript's bindings with regards to signals & slots, properties and child objects. You can follow the progress in the branches of our public git repository.
  • Holger fixed lots of bugs in the event handling. The Web Inspector works much much better now.
  • We have written a little demo browser application to show the use of QtWebKit. It's in demos/browser in Qt and this blog post was written using it :)!
QWebView embedded in Qt Designer

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