Qt/WinCE, Visual Studio integration and DevDays2007 videos

Here are three good things for you while you're all waiting for Christmas to kick in :)

  1. We've released the second technology preview for Qt/WinCE, and
  2. We've added support for Windows CE projects in our Visual Studio Integration for 2005
  3. There are videos from Developer Days 2007 uploaded!

Second technology preview of Qt/WinCE

Since the last technology preview we've been working on moving Qt/WinCE from using Qt 4.3 to Qt 4.4. We're basically done with that and thought this would be a good time for another package. We haven't made a super friendly installer this time (no worries they will be back for later releases) but it's still just the regular three-step:

  1. Configure the package
  2. Set your paths to your SDK
  3. Build

Here is basically what's new in the second preview called "Siesta":

  • Upgraded to Qt 4.4
  • All examples and demos now compile and run for Windows CE
  • The OpenGL module now supports OpenGL ES on Windows CE
  • Added example for OpenGL ES
  • Added support for QtConcurrent and QtXmlPatterns
  • Visual Studio integration now supports Qt/WinCE
  • Several improvements and bugfixes

Now if you want your dirty little hands on the package simply join the preview mailinglist for Qt/WinCE by sending a mail to:
qtce-preview-feedback-request@trolltech.com with the subject: subscribe

Of course, If you're already on the list you already got a mail on where to get it.

Visual Studio Integration for 2005

Qt Visual Studio integration with Qt/WinCE

One of the things I mentioned above, is that our Qt Visual Studio integration now also support creating Qt applications for Windows CE.

This screenshot (click for a larger image) shows a Qt application designed in Qt Designer embedded in Visual Studio 2005 and then compiled and run on a Windows Mobile 5.0 emulator.
If you want to try out the integration as well, just join the mailinglist as I said above - and the download info is provided to you.

Developer Days 2007 videos


Andreas tries to summarize his speech explaining the design and use of the Qt Network classes :) Interesting stuff here, for example towards the end he explains how easy it is to create secure connections with SSL in Qt.

A complete talk here from Girish (I guess he didn't get the memo we were doing summaries ;D). Girish talks about how you develop using Qt with hints and tips specifically towards developing on the Windows platforms. Interested in how to make your application Vista certified? Want to hear about deploying Qt applications?

Kent has a talk here "loosely based" on his Developer Days talk about Qt Script. Puppies and kittens included!

Thierry here describes and shows the usage of the new Multimedia system coming in Qt 4.4.0. Some pretty sweet coding examples in the end showing how easy playback of audio or video, or both is.

Volker talks about how to make Qt play well with others, and how to make others play well with Qt :D Ever wondered if your Qt include statements should come before or after 3rd party ones?

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