Qt 4.4.0 Technical Preview released

I'm pleased to announce that the Qt 4.4.0 Technical Preview package is released. This is the first package release of the Qt 4.4 series and is packed with new features. For those of you who have been following the blogs on Trolltech Labs, this is no surprise for you.

But for those who have been, somehow, sleeping for the past 6 months, here's a summary of what you can find:

  • WebKit integration
  • Phonon integration
  • Enhanced XML support (QtPatternist project)
  • Concurrency framework (QtConcurrent project)
  • Interprocess communication framework
  • Widgets on GraphicsView
  • New help system
  • Improved printing support

(More information at The Sneak Preview page)

Technical Preview releases are meant as a first peek at the upcoming technologies in the next minor release. Unlike the last Technical Preview we published (4.2.0), this time the technology has been available for some time on our public Bleeding Edge snapshots. So the 4.4.0-TP1 release is our announcement that that technology is now maturing and is ready to be tested by our users.

Packages, as always, can be downloaded from our FTP servers and mirrors. Point your browsers to http://trolltech.com/developer/downloads/qt/qt44-preview-download to find the closest mirror.

This release is brought to you by the hard work of all of the Trolls. I would like especially to thank the Oslo and Berlin teams (who are now over 40 engineers -- meaning we will have to update the group photo) who worked really hard to finish all of the features above (and more) in time for this release.

Happy holidays for everyone. More cool stuff in 2008!

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