Official Qt 4.3 book expected in February 2008

I am pleased to announce that Mark and I have now sent the final manuscript of C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4, Second Edition (ISBN 0132354160) to the publisher.

This extended and revised second edition has been thoroughly updated to take advantage of features introduced in Qt versions 4.2 and 4.3, including QGraphicsView and QDialogButtonBox, and features two new chapters and two new appendixes:

  • Look and Feel Customization (covers style sheets and QStyle)
  • Application Scripting (covers QtScript/ECMAScript)
  • Building Qt Applications (covers qmake, cmake, bjam, and scons)
  • Introduction to Qt Jambi

The original graphics chapter has been split into separate 2D and 3D chapters, which between them now cover the new graphics view classes and QPainter's OpenGL back-end. In addition, much new material has been added to the Database, XML, and Embedded Programming (Qtopia) chapters.

This new edition is 180 pages longer that the previous one, and is available in hardcover. It is already possible to order it from

From the preface:

This edition, like its predecessors, emphasizes explaining Qt programming and providing realistic examples, rather than simply rehashing or summarizing Qt's extensive online documentation. Because the book teaches solid Qt 4 programming principles and practices, readers will easily be able to learn the new Qt modules that come out in Qt 4.4, Qt 4.5, and later Qt 4.x versions.