Tale of an artist

“You look at your stylesheet in awe, amazed at your own artistic power. You have just styled your widget to perfection, and it is so beautiful one could cry. Now, just to finish off with that one-pixel adjustment to the left, and.... what!? Why does it suddenly look different?”

I am sure many of you have been there when stylesheets do unexpected things. This stems from the fact that the styles were not originally meant to support stylesheets and all the adjustment capabilities that come with them. So whenever a stylesheet tries to do something that the underlying style cannot offer, it falls back onto a different style.

For this reason, we are currently aiming at trying to make stylesheets a little more consistent and predictable, and there are several approaches that can be followed. I hereby invite the readers to post some comments about what they think is important with stylesheets.

You are free to write whatever you feel, but here are some guiding questions:

  • What is your typical use of stylesheets? Giving widgets a brand new look, or just changing a color here and there?
  • Is your program used on more than one platform?

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