About the Nokia acquisition

The news about Nokia's intentions to acquire Trolltech is very exciting and sobering at the same time. I would characterize my own opinions and thoughts as "cautiously optimistic." As Trolls, we are still digesting the idea, discussing it amongst ourselves, and processing the incoming information from our own management team as well as the information from Nokia.

I hope that our community, both commercial and open-source alike, don't get too distraught about a seemingly quiet Trolltech team. We, like you, just found out about this yesterday morning and need time to absorb what this means for us, for you, for everyone. After everything sinks in, we will come out with more information in the near future, and we appreciate your patience until then.

Rest assured, Nokia has the best intentions in making this move. More information will be available soon., however the message from Nokia is clear: development, sales, open-source and community support, etc. will continue as usual. Lee Williams, Senior VP, R&D at Nokia, told us Monday that Nokia wants us to teach them how to do cross-platform and open-source development on the desktop (and not just on mobile phones). This is a bit of a special acquisition because both Trolltech, in its current organizational form, and Nokia will be working together on what the future will bring.

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