Qt for Windows CE on Embedded World 2008

So the Qt 4.4.0 beta is finally out, and on that occation we're also launching the port of Qt for Windows CE. The chosen launch location is Embedded World 2008 down in beautiful Nürnberg (Germany).

Download Qt for Windows CE from here:

We´ve had lots of people over to our booth on Embedded World and there's never been a quiet moment. People are generally impressed with the cross-platform nature of Qt, and especially that it also extends to embedded devices. As you probably know Qt is supported on Windows, Linux/Unix and Max OSX as well as embedded Linux, and now also Windows CE (including Windows Mobile).

I'd like to congratulate the creators of Qt for Windows CE with a job (almost finished now) well done:

  • Thomas Hartmann
  • Jörg Bornemann
  • Maurice Kalinowski
  • Marius Storm-Olsen (Qt3 port)

...and say that it's a pleasure to present the fruits of our labors after over a year of focused development :D (I'm sure Maurice agrees). Cheers guys, and I'll see you at the cabin trip this weekend.

So here is a small video of "live" footage from Embedded World today:

If you're stopping by Embedded World tomorrow, I'm having a talk at 14:40 in hall 11. I'll go through an introduction on using Qt for Windows CE.

So, thanks for now and I hope you enjoy the video AND the release. Don't be shy. If you've got any feedback or problems, just subscribe to the preview list by sending a mail with subject: subscribe to qtce-preview-feedback-subscribe@trolltech.com and start asking questions.

I have a video of Qt runnin on an HTC Touch compared to Qt running on an OpenMoko NEO1973. I'll put it up next week I promise!

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