QtJambiAwtBridge prebuilt binaries and JDBC fun

The Qt Jambi team has, as have all devs in Trolltech, been busy preparing two separate releases the past few weeks slash months (Qt Jambi 4.3.4_01 and Qt Jambi 4.4.0_01.)

In the midst of this, someone reminded me that I promised I'd post a blog when we added prebuilt Windows binaries to the repository for QtJambiAwtBridge. This has now been done (Gunnar actually added it a while ago), so it should be possible to use the bridge without having a Qt source package ready. It's in QtJambiAwtBridge lab in the directory "prebuilt". For maximum compatibility, please use the binary together with a Qt Jambi binary package.

As far as the code goes, not much has happened to the QtJambiAwtBridge, and there probably won't be much time to work on it until the two upcoming releases are ready and out the door. At that point, I will sit down and see what I can do about the outstanding issues (mainly regarding focus handling and window activation as far as I know, please post a report if you find other problems.)

Since I'm already posting this, I might as well add that Qt Jambi JDBC has been target of a few bug fixes lately: The standard Java SQL types are now automatically displayable and editable in views of the database models, a bug has been fixed where the contents of cells in a view looking at a JDBC-based model would sometimes rearrange or blank out, and finally: We've added a few changes that greatly increase the number of JDBC drivers with which we are compatible. We previously required that the underlying driver supported returning autogenerated keys, which is optional in the JDBC specs, and there was also a bug with certain unforgiving drivers when trying to do random access on the result sets. One of the drivers for which these bug fixes adds compatibility is the pgsql one.

As far as Qt Jambi JDBC goes, the driver will be integrated into Qt Jambi 4.4 and become permanent part of the Qt Jambi library.

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