Trolltech Open Source Development Award: Finalists

We use a lot of tools and applications when we develop Qt and Qtopia. Strangely enough, it turns out a lot of these tools are open source :) We've always been wanting to give something back to the talented developers of these tools, be it money or just praise. These tools make our working day better, more efficient and sometimes even FUN!

So, the engineers here are at Trolltech decided it's time to have an annual award where we vote and select the best open source development tool available out there. In other words: The Trolltech Open source Development Award.

So here are the finalists for the 2008 awards. They've all been nominated by at least one Troll, so there is at least one person out there that loves your tool :D

The price will include money AND a signed T-shirt. But regardless who wins we'd like to thank the developers of the tools below: You make our day a little bit better. THANK YOU!

Amarok Coding requires music. Music requires a player. This is the one.
GCC It's everywhere. So are we. It's a match made in well, maybe not heaven but pretty close?
Git All the other revision control systems are easier to use - but this one is more powerful.
Irssi When we don't code we chat. But don't tell management. (They use Mirc)
Konversation Good looks and doesn't nag you for every single thing.
NEdit Editing for oldtimers. Some people just can't move on :D
notepad.png Feature packed editing for Windows developers.
oggvorbis.png Higher quality for the same bit rate. And you don't have to pay royalties.
postgresql.png Not everybody uses MySQL :D
Synergy A must have if you work on several systems at the same time. Take your KVM switch outside, and put it out of it's misery. We mean it.
Valgrind You can spend two days debugging, or you can just run Valgrind.
Vim Emacs sucks! :D
WinMerge Possibly the most beautiful way of comparing diffs on Windows.
Zsh Why drive a Golf when you can drive a Ferrari ;D

The Trolls have already started voting, and there are two very strong candidates who are competing for the first place. Now all votes are not in yet, so keep your fingers crossed :) Btw. I've masked using patented superfancy GIMP filters, so don't bother guessing which two it is :D

Trolltech votes so far…

Once the voting is complete we'll publish the winner here of course :D

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