Document freedom day 2008

We have just passed the Easter holidays, which I spent quite relaxingly. And its been so cold I could go snowboarding last night, just outside of Oslo. Awesomeness!
Less then a year ago I lived in The Netherlands, where going snowboarding after work is basically unthinkable. I certainly don't regret moving :)

Today is document freedom day, the idea is that you try to educate your peers and friends about the cool things that a document format based on open standards can bring. At first I was bit wary about the idea. I'm not much of an evangelist, myself.
Seeing that embracing change, like me moving to Oslo, can bring so much unexpected advantages and really just make you feel better that's also very cool. And something I'd like to share with others.

With the OpenDocument Format it is possible to open your document in different applications, and on different platforms. So you can work together flawlessly with Windows and Linux users, some of which use KOffice, others use OpenOffice or one of the various other tools out there.
Having websites create documents you can read is also very easy to do. I remember when some webapp tried to generate xls files, it required the server to start excel for each user that tried to download the xls file with his data. It should be obvious that this doesn't scale very well. If there were more then 10 people trying to download their data, it would take 10 minutes already.
Using the open document format instead would have allowed using a simple library to create such a document, and there are quite some already available for usage. No need to have a whole office suite installed, everyone can, and does, implement this open standard.

So, for everyone, go and evangelize the usefullness of open standards and the freedom that this gives developers, user and companies to get a richer selection of products to choose from and do more with less.

I'm sure that others found very different advantages to using and depending on ODF. Please share them in the comments!

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