News from the inside

You might have wondered why there weren't many blog entries about the acquisition - it was mostly due to legal reasons. Luckily, these have been resolved today, so I'm really happy that I can blog about the myriads of internal projects that we now have access to:

  • Most kernels have neat schedulers, clever memory management and fancy device abstractions, but lack a good UI. The S40 phones are one step further - with Qt running in kernel space, they display a graphical kernel panic backtrace right on screen, together with fully functioning Restore/Restart/Quit buttons!
  • That big companies often have communication problems can be seen in a fully functioning generator that creates C++ interfaces out of Qt Jambi APIs.
  • There's a lot of buzz about virtualization going on - and guess what we found! A phone hypervisor that paravirtualizes Linux. Similar to VMware's "Unity Mode", it is possible to run native and Qtopia applications side by side. Now, virtualization adds a certain overhead, so we were afraid that virtualized applications are too slow. To measure the performance, we ran the native and Qtopia's Snake game side by side - and were astonished: Qtopia's snake was running only about 6% slower than the native one!

    Snake-based performance test
    The virtualized snake (above) runs only about 6% slower than the native one (below)!

  • There's a hidden easter egg on most phones featuring T9 text completion (English locale only). Just create a new message and enter "27745027745" into the text field for a funny effect.