Qt 4.4 Release Candidate is out

Exactly one month ago, I blogged about three different Qt 4 releases in the space of two weeks, even though one was an alpha. Now, I'm happy to bring you to the Qt 4.4.0 Release Candidate, which you can readily download from our FTP servers and mirrors in the Open Source version, or from the commercial distribution server for our commercial licensees.

This is the last scheduled step before the final release. If all goes well, we'll have the final packages out the door in more or less a month. In the mean time, our team will be resting and doing nothing...

Wait, no, just kidding. ;-)

As the name says, this is a release that we consider to be of release quality. While we still have a few outstanding issues we want to fix before the release, this release is good enough to be used for most tasks. In special, we're interested in knowing if anything is broken as compared to previous releases.

We're doing our best to anticipate the ways our product could break, but we can't catch all cases. And as proven by our own final sanity checks this morning, it's getting more and more difficult to do it. And there comes a point when you can't think of creative new ideas to do it (pasting 1 MB worth of junk into line edits, for instance).

Here's where you, dear reader, comes in. Please download the RC1 and run your Qt4 application with it. If you see things not working like they used to, let us know.

I won't be talking anymore of the cool new features of this release. I did that one month ago and I'll let our Marketing Team take over now. Besides, there are no new features since the beta. In fact, there haven't been any since the Technical Preview, which was when we entered Feature Freeze mode. But soon we will have Qt 4.5 development start and Labs will fill again with blogs from developers about the CoolNewStuff™they'll be working on, as well as information from our roadmap.


Some people have already noticed that there are changes in the Qt snapshots. A couple of weeks ago, we started publishing snapshots of the Qt 4.5.x tree (mainline development, a.k.a. "trunk" for Subversion users). We're publishing those snapshots in the so-called "minimal set": only the Qt/Embedded Linux, Qt/Windows CE and the merged Qt/X11+Mac+Win (the misleadingly called "qt-all" package) packages are published daily.

Also, last week, the Qt 4.4.x tree snapshots changed version numbers to 4.4.1. What happened there was that the 4.4.0 release was branched off for final fixes, while other development continues in what will become Qt 4.4.1. Our development process calls for a branch before public releases so we can do some intensive testing without many changes going in and potentially invalidating previous test results.

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