Marble running on Windows CE


Some of you might know the generic geographical map widget Marble that is part of KDE 4.
As already stated in Torsten Rahns's Blog I started porting Marble to Windows CE.
Since Marble is a pure Qt application and does not rely on OpenGL the port is pretty straightforward.
The main problems were memory constrains, because Windows CE 5 only supports 32MB virtual memory. And of course speed is another issue. I had to reduce the complexity of the vector data set, because there is no tiling implemented, yet, and all the vector data has to fit into memory. The bump map is also significantly smaller than in the desktop version.

And now Marble runs on Windows CE as you can clearly see:

Marble on Windows Mobile 6.0
Marble on Windows Mobile 6.0 (America)

The Marble port proves that Qt really allows to port fairly complex application easily from the desktop to embedded devices. In this case the new Windows CE platform. It is also a good test case for stability of Qt for Windows CE.

Marble on Windows Mobile 6
Marble on Windows Mobile 6.0 (North Pole)

Marble on Windows Mobile 6
Marble on Windows Mobile 6.0 (Afrika)

Marble running on a ViewSonic Windows CE 5.0 tablet, also powered by an ARM cpu.

Marble in full action on a Dell Axim

Another video of Marble running on a Dell Axim.

Marble running on a Fujitsu Siemens Futro A220 (x86)

The Futro has a 400Mhz x86 processor, which is the reason that Marble runs really fast even on a high resolution.

nice weekend.

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