Liebe geht durch den Magen

... literally means "love goes through the stomach". What better way to announce some of the delights that await the weekend visitors of the KDevelop team meeting? As if free coffee including a free USB coffee warmer wasn't enough!

This Saturday (April 12), carefully buttered fresh Bavarian Brezn will be served from 9:00 in the morning. This peak of taste bud stimuli will be accompanied by another non-plus-ultra of cuisine - our local specialities shop, which is usually closed on Saturdays, is going make a one-time exception just for us and freshly bake Poğaça - delightful small rolls filled with tasty cheese.

For the ones that prefer sweet things, don't worry - there will be German Fruchtplunder and Turkish Baklava - after eating those, pure sugar will taste sour.

More information, including a visual guide on how to get there, can be found on the KDevelop wiki.

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