KDevelop gets Kross scripting

One of the more heated points in the ongoing KDevelop team meeting here in Munich is the good old language war - while I love (and hate just as much) Perl, Alex likes Ruby, Roberto JavaScript and I'm sure we can find someone who prefers Python.

Since Revision 797621 of KDevPlatform, scripting via Kross is now supported. This allows everyone to write an extension to KDevelop in his favorite scripting language. Since I'm most familiar with QtScript (yes, I did forget all my Perl a moment ago), here's an example KDevelop script:

function documentLoaded(doc) {

documentController = KDevTools.toDocumentController(KDevCore.documentController());

This little script will listen to all documentLoaded signals from the document controller and outpout the URL of the file once it's loaded.

So, let's load a file:


and watch the URL being printed to command line. The available scripting backend could already be used to implement a simple "switch header/source" plugin, that opens the corresponding *.h/*.cpp file when invoked.

For the moment, the "casts" using KDevTools are required as long as I don't understand how to auto-convert meta-types in a script-independent way :)

My goal for this meeting - implement a version control system plugin completely in a scripting language, so it can be deployed without headache for all supported OSes.

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