Last day in Porto Alegre

Kevin and I are chilling out in the speakers' room in FISL. Later today we'll head back to Thiago's place in Sao Paulo before we start heading home tomorrow. It's been a fun week, and I've learned a lot. I can't wait to come home and get my hands into code again.

I had the pleasure of meeting some fellows from INDT here, they showed my some amazing stuff they'd done, and I'm bringing home a bunch of impressions for those who'll be working on improving our UI. Since this research is going to be interesting for so many, Kevin also asked me to submit a proposal for this year's aKademy. I think I'll submit one or two proposals and we'll see how that goes. Maybe one about our UI research, and one about Qt's widget internals. We'll see.

Now there are only three legs left of my journey. Sao Paulo, Frankfurt, then Oslo. Travelling north, it'll first get much warmer, then much colder again ;-). It's around 12 degrees C at home, and my favorite season (Spring in Norway is quite amazing). Looking forward to coming home :-).

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