Side-by-side video: Windows Mobile and Embedded Linux

The cross-platform story for Qt becomes more and more true. Now we're even going to be on Maemo it seems (kde people talk: here, osnews flamewar: here). However that was not really what I was going to talk about.

I have a little video for you here basically showing the Qt Everywhere demo running on both Windows Mobile and Embedded Linux side by side. We used the latest fancypants from HTC (Windows Mobile 6.0) and ran the Qt demos side by side to a Neo (Linux). Click the image below to check it out (opens new page, click play again):


The demo is basically just a small set of some of the Qt demos and examples that we launch and interact with in a more gesture inspired way. I love flicking those screengrabs around btw :D Skip ahead to 02:40 if you only want to see it running on the Neo.... Skip to 04:48 if you want to see the Neo die ;)

One thing to notice here is that this demo-set was originally developed and compiled for Embedded Linux. All that was needed to have it running out of the box for Windows CE/Mobile was to add a few deployment rules to the .pro file for the demo. Now - it goes without saying that these demos run out of the box on our desktop platforms too.

Btw. stay tuned for the Open Source Development awards. We have a winner - and we've got prizes!