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Qt 4.4.0 fully released

Published on Tuesday May 06, 2008 by Thiago Macieira in Qt News KDE | Comments

Qt logoThat's the moment we've all been waiting for... or dreading. We've worked for long months getting it done and you've all been asking for it. Some of you even realised it has already been available for a few days, unannounced... And now it's finally, at last, there!

Qt 4.4.0 is released

Last week, we had a sneak release to current customers. And now it's on the Trolltech homepage for the world to see. To make your life easier, here's a download button:

Download Qt

We're quite proud of this release. It's the most feature-packed release of Qt ever and certainly the largest release since Qt 4.0.0 itself. This release adds:

  • The Windows CE platform
  • The Phonon new module: multimedia integration
  • The QtWebKit new module: web integration
  • The QtXmlPatterns new module: powerful XML support
  • The QtHelp new module: flexible help support
  • The QtConcurrent framework: parallel programming
  • A new network resource access stack
  • Support for regular widgets on Graphics View
  • Support for non-native windows
  • Support for shared memory
  • Support for inter-process semaphores
  • Support for painting on auxiliary threads
  • Support for atomic operations on integers and pointers
  • Improved printing support
  • A new Qt Assistant
  • And much more, since I will never be able to remember everything we've done

Not happy with all of that, we're also bringing you:

Continuing with the tradition started with the past minor release, we bring you those who did the work:

Oslo team Berlin team
Oslo team Berlin team

Trivia: there's someone on both pictures. Can you spot who?

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