QtWebKit Development Update

As part of Qt 4.4 we have now made our very first release! :-D

Shortly before the release we finished merging all our changes back to the Subversion trunk branch, where we are working directly now. We will continue to maintain and bugfix the code in the Qt 4.4.x release series, but we try to make the changes in trunk first and then backport changes as they fit.

Our current goal is to catch up with the architectural changes that happened in trunk and maintain the layout tests. Holger for example fixed the HTML Canvas after some internal API changes. Ariya started working on Netscape plugins for Windows and Tor Arne I heard is polishing a secret feature he's been semi-secretly working on for a while now in not-so-secret trunk. I heard rumors that he's going to secretly blog about the secret feature soon, so stay tuned.

Big props also to Marc and the guys at Collabora for landing the initial support for Netscape plugins for the X11 Qt and Gtk ports in WebKit trunk! Great job!

On the application side Urs Wolfer's Google Summer of Code project for integrating QtWebKit into KDE has been accepted. Congrats Urs! Feel free to stop by in #webkit and bug us if you have questions :)

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