Introducing QGtkStyle…

textedit with gtkstyle

Now that 4.4 is out, I finally found the time to kick off some new development and one of my pet projects these days is QGtkStyle. We already have QCleanlooks, icon themes, standard shortcuts and dialog buttons to integrate with GNOME, but to achieve true perfection we need to use the Gtk theme engine directly just like we do on Mac and Windows. QGtkStyle does exactly this, and in addition extends and surpasses QCleanlooks in a lot of other areas as well. All group boxes are now flat style to blend better with GNOME dialogs. Icon theme support has improved, scrollbar buttons are disabled at edges and item view branches now support hover.

spreadsheet example

The style is already available right now as a Qt 4.4 plugin on Labs and given that you can accept the normal disclaimers about using unreleased and experimental code, you can start playing with it immediately.

This is how the Arora browser looks:

clearlooks style

All the above shots were taken using the "Clearlooks" engine. Here are a few alternatives:

Ubuntu Human:


And of course the unforgettable Raleigh engine:

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