Winners of the Trolltech Open Source Development Award

Today we're proud to announce the winners of the Trolltech Open Source Development Award!

A while ago Espen announced the finalists for the award. The vote is over now and the ballots were counted (electronically).

The third place goes straight to the editor of choice: VIM. Much of Qt's source code and documentation was loaded, edited, syntax highlighted and saved by Vim, without using the CTRL or X key at all. :wq!

Once platform dependent code is written it may be necessary to implement similar functionality on the remaining platforms. This pattern is typical for Trolltech engineers and therefore the choice of Synergy for the second place comes natural. The lines between different operating systems blur when we use the same keyboard and mouse on Mac OS X, Windows or Linux. That's very much in the spirit of Qt. As a bonus we have less keyboards and mice to clean from dust and coffee stains.

Once the code is written we submit it and move on to the next task. Unless the unthinkable happens and a bug slipped in. In the hypothetical case of a dangling pointer or memory corruption we might require our winning tool, Valgrind. We don't need to sprinkle printf() statements into the code anymore, we don't even need to recompile. We just run the program under Valgrind and it points straight to yoursomeone else's source code. Hurray!

Here are the reactions from some Trolltech engineers on the results:

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