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It's been a long time since I have blogged anything. Been busy finding a new house to live in, then moving house, then holiday/being sick at Waikiki in Hawaii. Waikiki is much like the Gold Coast here in Queensland, except people there wear shoes, and tops. Australia is much more baby/family friendly, although. My 2 years old son finally conquered his fear of ocean waves, and was happily swimming in the ocean. Now we just need to wait for summer here so we can go swimming at the beach.

Been working on Qtopia integrations on the ficgta02 and n810 and readying for the upcoming Qtopia 4.4 release.

In particular dynamic rotation. Still small things to be fixed up for Qtopia 4, as a late addition to the Qtopia 4 game. We used to have it way back in Qtopia 1 and 2, but for Qtopia 4 it was never ported or really thought about, as most devices we were developing for did not need it, or didn't really seem sensible to have it. But the Neo and n800/n810 are different. In particular, the Neo, has no buttons, so it can be oriented in any direction.

Qtopia 4 is much more complicated than Qtopia 2, with theming, styling and all that jazz.

Qtopia on the Openmoko Neo (ficgta01 and ficgta02) is mostly working. The Openmoko folks have picked up on Qtopia on X11 porting/demo code we had done, and started working more extensively on it for the Neo phones. They plan on trying to meld Qtopia with Enlightenment stuff. Or at least make them work together. Who says Qt and Gtk can't live together?

Qtopia on n800/n810 is coming along nicely as well. We made the n810 rotate whenever the keyboard is slid in or out. Being in portrait mode when in and using the few buttons it has that way. Probably the most difficult thing for the n810 so far was the keyboard driver, going back to the days of the Sharp Zaurus qwerty keyboard.

Other projects going on I cannot speak of, but they generally benefit Qtopia.

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