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Qt 4.3.5: Two steps back and one step forward

Published on Wednesday May 28, 2008 by Thiago Macieira in Qt News KDE | Comments

Earlier this month, we released the single, largest release of Qt since the 4.0.0 release two years ago. Qt 4.4.0 is the result of 10 months of hard work by the Trolls, including numerous distractions. And while it's being digested by our clients and users, we're working on Qt 4.4.1, which will include fixes for bugs that were already known at the time of the 4.4.0 release, as well as some that people have reported.

In the meantime, we take two steps back, to the 4.3.x series, and then one step forward: we're releasing today Qt version 4.3.5. This release is meant for those who cannot upgrade to Qt 4.4.0 yet, but need fixes for some important issues. All of the changes done for 4.3.5 will be present in 4.4.1 and some are even part of 4.4.0 already.

This is the first time ever we're doing a public release of the previous minor series. In the past, we've always stopped development of the previous minor series when the next one came out. Sure, we've done security fixes when needed and Trolltech Support continued to support clients using them, but we've never made a public release. So this is news for us too. :-)

One of the main reasons that made us decide to release 4.3.5 was the sheer size of the 4.4.0 upgrade. Many customers are scared to take the leap. Not that 4.4.0 is a bad release -- no, far from it, all indications so far are that it is a great release. (At least, the Trolltech head of Support hasn't tried to kill me yet for it!) But nonetheless, we decided we would reassert our commitment to all clients and users despite all distractions, by providing them with one more 4.3 release.

If this proves to be a good thing, we may repeat it for the 4.4.x branch when Qt 4.5.0 is released, although we're not expecting anything as groundbreaking for that release as 4.4.0 was. We also have two or three bugfixes up our sleeves in the 4.3 branch, which may lead to a 4.3.6 release if necessary.

Including the pictures of the Qt developer team again, since a few more people have been patched in.

Oslo team Berlin team
Oslo team Berlin team

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