it’s official

In case you missed it, it is now official
Trolltech merges with Nokia

But do not be scared, my open source friends. This means that Qt and Qtopia will continue to be developed, and have even wider recognition that it is the greatest cross platform GUI toolkit on the planet.

More info here

I am sure there will be more press releases coming soon, so I won't comment on anything else that might happen. But I can say this, this merger is a two way street. i.e. Nokia wants to learn from Trolltech and Trolltech can learn from Nokia.

What I wonder, is if Nokia can make a rubber boot for my phone. After all, it has been fairly rainy here in Brisbane this year.

Remember, "Trolltech has benefited greatly from the feedback the community has been providing while using Qt to develop free software. We respect the symbiotic relationship Qt has with the community and we wish to continue and enhance this relationship."

So, keep on hackin' Qt, Qtopia and Kde hackers, there's good things around the corner!!

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