Qt Jambi 4.4.0 Released!

So the time is finally here. Qt 4.4.0 was released a few weeks ago and as promised Qt Jambi is right behind. A lot of effort has gone into this one, in addition to supporting all the new Qt features, like Phonon, Webkit, Widgets in Graphics View, XQuery and Qt Concurrent, we also have a seriously improved deployment system, JDBC support and a compile-time checked signal-slot approach for the paranoid. Its a good time to be a Java developer I tell yah! We already mentioned all the featuers in the Qt Jambi 4.4.0 Preview Blog so we won't repeat ourselves here... (There is a danger in linking to eskils blog, as it links to others again, which again links to others, which in the end proves to be a fairly complex graph, but then again... we are engineers and like that kind of stuff)

Under the cover we've also done quite some work. We also did an overhaul of the garbage collection and memory management subsystem and hopefully ironed out all the bumps and dents. We've also done some work on the build system, so that our users that build from source have a bit more substantial buildsystem to work with. Previously it was a complex install document, which has been replaced by a simple ant command which just does it all... I was very happy to see that the deployment system & ANT build scripts works well enough for the webstart to look like a plain, normal webstart app:

No magic nativejar or anything like that, just the qtjambi-win32-msvc2005-4.4.0_01.jar in the classpath and that is enough to load it, jpeg and svg plugins and all. The good thing is that the files included in the webstart are produced directly by the ant script with all dependencies etc set up properly... (well... almost properly, it took us an evening last week to get it really working, but now it works properly). Because of the fixes to memory management and deployment Eskil and I got these offical diplomas:

Absolutely last load issue fixed and Last memory managment bug

So, what more is there to say... Try the webstart with its new demos, download the packages and start hacking!

The Qt Jambi Team

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