bye bye Trolltech…

This is my last post as a Trolltech employee. I have worked for Trolltech Pty Ltd, in Australia. since 2003. I can proudly say I helped Qtopia become more open, and fully GPL. It's been a short 5 or so years, I have seen the Brisbane office grow from around 14 people to around 50, found my wife, had a son and daughter. A lot has happened in the past years. Ran 'make' more times that I want to think about. Got Qtopia running on all the devices I could. Yelled and complained and praised till I was blue in the face.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I will be employed by Nokia, doing the same things I did today (well, maybe the day after next, tomorrow is the obigitory write-off "1st day", BBQ and beer drinking).

It will be a challenging year ahead, I am sure both Nokia and Trolltech ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Qt Software have things to learn from one another. I am personally wishing Trolltech's seeds of open source will blossom Nokia into a greater thing.

So tonight, while I am unemployed, am going to live it up! and... uh... well... write some code (having small kids really saps your energy) and get more familiar with scratchbox2. (which thankfully uses a real cross toolchain).

I feel it is a bit like Christmas... So, if you talk to a Troll today, shake his/her hand and tell him/her thanks for making the world a more peaceful place.

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