hello Nokia!

New Nokia Sign

I start work for a different company today, namely Nokia. Perhaps you have heard of them? No? Well, they used to make rubber boots but now make phones. Lot's of them. They have a few employees. Lot's of them. and now, a few more, thanks to the (more or less) peaceful assimilation of Trolltech.

Am I worried? A bit. The management structure at Nokia is overbearing, not like Trolltech's lean and mean machine. I doubt I will see the CEO of Nokia getting drunk and wrestling with engineers any time soon. I doubt I will ever be called to a meeting with him to pick my brain about community matters, much less even get an email from him. I liked that about Trolltech. The openness, the friendliness.
Hopefully my boss will stop wearing his shoes so much. He used to go barefoot a lot more than he does now. I liked that about him.

Today, I start work for Nokia, sitting in the same desk (I hope), loging into the same machines (I hope), and continuing my work from yesterday (except today is the BBQ beer fest.. wweeeeeeeeeee!), on the Qtopia SDK, on the n8x0 and Neo devices. I still get to work with the greatest multi licensed cross platform toolkit ever - Qt. I get to use the greatest and Kool Desktop Environment - blackboxqt! heh and also - KDE.

Best of all - I get a new phone and some Nokia schwag.

I, for one, welcome our new Nokia overlords!

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