A sturdier bridge (still troubled water underneath)

A while back we announced the research project Qt Jambi AWT Bridge which allows you to mix AWT/Swing components and Qt widgets in the same window on Windows and Linux.

There were a few issues with the original version. The main problems were the fact that your window would be deactivated by the window manager when you clicked inside an embedded widget, some issues with unnecessary whitespace around the embedded components when you embedded AWT inside of Qt, and some people experienced a race condition which caused the embedded widgets to sometimes disappear.

The project has now largely been rewritten to be more robust, and both the window activation issues and whitespace issues have been resolved. If you sync the latest version from Subversion, you should be able to see major improvements. There are still some issues with keyboard focus (tabbing between the application widgets and the embedded widgets) which we are trying to resolve.

The sequence of commands to build has also changed. Please follow the following steps in order to build the project from source (for users of a binary package of Qt Jambi, we will try to get binaries for the bridge up at some point.) The following steps will only work if you have also built Qt Jambi from source.

Windows (Replace "nmake" with the "make"-application of your choice.)

set JAMBIDIR=pathtojambisourcepackage
set JAVADIR=pathtojavasdk


export JAMBIDIR=/path/to/jambi/source/package
export JAVADIR=/path/java/sdk

That should take care of building the native binaries. Then put Qt Jambi in your class path and compile all the .java files:

javac com/trolltech/research/qtjambiawtbridge/generated/*.java
javac com/trolltech/research/qtjambiawtbridge/*.java
javac com/trolltech/research/qtjambiawtbridge/examples/*.java

There are two examples in the com.trolltech.research.qtjambiawtbridge.examples package: QtInAwt and AwtInQt. These are the same as before, and show, respectively, how to integrate a Qt widget in an AWT frame, and how to integrate an AWT component in a Qt widget. Here's a screen shot of QtInAwt:


The window here is handled by AWT, the two input fields and labels for the name are Swing components, and the entire bottom part is a layout created in Qt Jambi.

Please go to the project homepage for more information.

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